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Gifted and Talented Education


To inform and educate teachers about:

  • Definitions of G and T
  • The importance of defining G and T at your school (policy)
  • Identifying a G and T learner
  • Catering for the Needs of a Gifted Child
  • Creating a G and T register
  • Adapting a Response to Intervention Model in your school (Differentiated Model of Learning)
  • Models of Giftedness

Targeted Group-Numbers

Of relevance to many teachers


  • Dr Gregor Cameron

    Three decades educational experience in three global contexts (New Zealand x 18 years, UAE x 8 years, Australia x 5 years)

    Position prior to SPEA: Senior Advisor of Teaching and Learning (Independent Schools Queensland, Australia – 215 schools)

    Leadership experience as education advisor, Principal, Vice Principal, and Senior Teacher.

    Curriculum Interest and Expertise: Predominantly Primary and Middle Schooling. Core curriculum experience in Numeracy/Literacy/Science and Social Studies, Learning Enrichment (special education, gifted and talented education and learning support), Health and Physical Education (specialist advisor).

    Advisory Experience and Specialization in: Research-based practice, Coaching and Mentoring, Middle Leadership, Data-Informed Pedagogy and Teacher Performance and Development Systems.

    Doctorate of Education: Curtin University in Perth, Australia (Inter-cultural Coaching and Capacity Building). Awarded Walter D Neale outstanding doctorate award (School of Education)

    Masters (1st Class Honours) (NZ). Bachelors in Geography and Education (NZ), Post-Grad Diploma - Primary (NZ)

  • Hours: Approximately 45 minutes
  • Price: FREE
  • Institution: Sharjah Private Education Authority
  • Subject: Gifted and Talented Education (only if required – but happy for someone else to develop this)
  • Language: English
  • Video Transcripts: English